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Workplace Collaboration

Empowering Teams, Fostering Unity:
Together We Restore, Strengthen, and Thrive

We promote workplace collaboration by actively addressing conflicts among individuals and colleagues.

Utilizing empowered collaboration, we guide both claimants and respondents through the harassment process, facilitating open communication and understanding.

Our approach emphasizes interest-based resolution, allowing all parties to engage in finding mutually beneficial solutions, thereby fostering a healthier work dynamic and enhancing overall productivity.

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Workplace Collaboration is designed to create a safe space to:

Establish and/or strengthen trust

Identify and learn from challenges and limitations

Create and take responsibility for solutions

Create positive turbulence and open up new possibilities

Create momentum for an effective action plan

Discover the power of collaborative action in navigating workplace harassment complaints. Through open dialogue, mutual commitment, and transparent communication, we forge a path towards resolution that fosters trust, understanding, and a safer, more inclusive work environment for all.

Workplace Collaboration includes a
5-Step process:

Engage: Initiate open and empathetic dialogue with all parties involved in the harassment complaint process, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for discussion.

Measure: Assess the extent and impact of the harassment complaint, understanding the perspectives and experiences of those affected to inform the collaboration process effectively.

Commit: Establish clear commitments from all parties to address and resolve the harassment complaint collaboratively, emphasizing mutual respect and accountability.

Connect: Foster connections and relationships among team members, promoting trust and understanding to facilitate constructive collaboration throughout the complaint resolution process.

Communicate: Maintain transparent and frequent communication among all stakeholders involved in the harassment complaint process, ensuring clarity, empathy, and progress towards resolution.


Every situation is different, so we customize our programs to fit your unique situation and desired outcomes

Contact us to design your Workplace Collaboration today!

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Results Through Relationships

Core Strengths' Relationship Intelligence (RQ) is paramount to help organizations meet these challenges to improve team dynamic.

Unlock your potential with Relationship Intelligence: Understand your impact, adapt effectively, empower your team, and foster collaboration for unparalleled success.


Results Through Relationships is designed to create a safe space to:

Teach you how to choose and use strengths that work for everyone.

Introduce you to more effective options for dealing with the most challenging situations and people.

Explore what drives people to give their best and love what they do.

Discover what causes conflict in the workplace, as well as what you can do to steer clear of trouble spots and get back on track.

Learn how to oppose others in a way that leads to better outcomes, while staying out of conflict that can damage relationships.

This program consists of personalized assessments, workshops and coaching

* Larger Teams: one-on-one coaching for the leadership team   

* Smaller Teams:  one-on-one coaching for the full team.

Results Through Relationship includes a 5-Step process:

Engage: Collaborate with key organizational leaders to understand the desired outcomes.

Measure: Have each team member complete their SDI 2.0 Assessment

Commit: Begin coaching program with one or more leaders to ensure full integration with your team.

Connect: Workshop with all team members to debrief the results and learn how to use the information to achieve Relationship Intelligence.

Communicate: Use the tools learned during the debrief session to improve communication with the team.

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Every team is different, so we customize our programs to fit your unique team and desired outcomes

Contact us to design your Results Through Relationship Program today!


70% of coachees improve work performance, relationships and communication

Professional Coaching results in an average of 6X Return on the Investment of Coaching

86% of companies recouped their investment in coaching and more

99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process

I have had the tremendous opportunity to work alongside Jodie as a peer and later as a team-building consultant.  Jodie is an open, intelligent and vibrant individual who listens with intention and is able to help improve individual and group leadership ability.  Recently, Jodie led my team through the Core Strengths program.  My team truly enjoyed the experience and still speaks about the valuable learning.  As a leader, I found that the training created improved acceptance of individual strengths which is leading to better inclusivity, performance and engagement. 

Denis J.

Human Resource Executive

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