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Our Vision

To elevate the quality of life of every client through empowering relationships, effective communication and increased confidence.

Our Mission

E=MC3 Coaching & Consulting commits to providing inspiring solutions tailored to the needs of each client through a process of discovery, collaboration and connection.


Our Team


Jodie Graham is a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered Professional Accountant, Register Collaborative Professional, Entrepreneur, mother of three amazing kids, and wife to a loving husband. Since the breakdown of her first marriage in 2013, Jodie has discovered a deep love of personal growth and development and considers herself a student of life and lifelong learning. Through that passion and exploration, she found her love of coaching in 2016 and hasn't looked back.


Jodie refers to herself as a “Collaboration Coach” - a term that resonates with both sides of her business - Divorce Coaching and Leadership Coaching. In her divorce coaching practice she helps clients navigate the trials, tribulations and collaborative law process, while in her leadership coaching practice she guides her clients to build stronger teams through relationship building and enhancing collaboration skills.


Jodie has learned after a period of struggle, tremendous growth can come. After experiencing harassment in the workplace and enduring the process that followed, the experience ignited a new passion. So she embarked on a journey to developing a coaching practice to guide organizations through the harassment process in a way that reduces trauma, lowers turnover rates and above all to find win-win solutions, so that others do not need to endure the trauma she experienced. 


Above all, Jodie has come to realize that in both her professional and personal life everything comes down to relationships. With self, with others and with the world around us. Engaging with motivation, courage, connection and compassion, in all relations, is the key to a meaningful and expansive life. 


Jodie Graham

Jodie's commitment to building teams and inquiring mind allow her to dive into issues to formulate systems and solutions that allow clients to thrive.

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