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Divorce Coaching & Mediation Services

At E=MC3 Coaching & Consulting, where we specialize in providing empathetic and tailored coaching solutions for individuals navigating the challenging terrain of divorce.

Our commitment is to offer support and guidance to those undergoing divorce, helping them not only navigate the process but also build confidence for life post-divorce.

Our coaching services are crafted to provide holistic support, focusing on the future and facilitating the realization of results through a methodology centered on understanding individual needs.


Our Expertise:

Financial Advisors:

Our team includes skilled financial advisors who specialize in helping individuals understand and manage their financial landscape during this challenging time.

From financial disclosure to planning for the future, our financial experts provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure a secure financial transition.

Divorce Empowerment:

Our coaching is centered around empowering individuals undergoing divorce. We understand the emotional and practical challenges that come with this journey.

Our empathetic coaches provide personalized support, helping clients build confidence, navigate the divorce process, and envision a positive future beyond the challenges of separation.

Mediation Services:

In situations where amicable resolution is sought, our mediation services offer a constructive alternative.

Our trained mediators facilitate open communication and negotiation between parties, fostering an environment for mutual agreement.

Mediation provides a respectful and collaborative approach to resolving disputes, guiding individuals towards solutions that work for both parties involved.

Your Divorce Coaching Includes:

Tailored Support:

Recognizing that each individual's journey through divorce is unique, we take a personalized approach to coaching.

Our solutions are designed to address the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a supportive and effective coaching experience.

Future-Focused Approach:

At E=MC3 Coaching & Consulting, we believe in looking ahead. Our coaching methodology is future-oriented, helping individuals envision and create a positive future post-divorce.

We guide our clients in understanding the possibilities and building confidence for the next chapter of their lives.

Results-Driven Coaching:

We understand that individuals undergoing divorce seek tangible results. Our coaching process is results-driven, aimed at facilitating the realization of outcomes that matter. 

From financial understanding to confidence-building, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate divorce successfully.

Divorce is hard, but there are ways to make it easier!

Online Meeting

Before I began working with Jodie, I was extremely anxious and intimidated. I am not a financial person at all and spent many sleepless nights wondering what my future would be. My understanding of the settlement was very limited. My confidence level was very low, but Jodie explained clearly and concisely, often giving different examples and patiently repeating things when I didn’t understand. Jodie prepared several different scenarios and outcomes of the settlement, so I clearly understood where I stood in the process. She helped me to prepare and anticipate my responses during the negotiation process. Jodie was extremely thorough and left no stone unturned in preparing an accurate picture of my financial assets. She gave me confidence and hope for a positive outcome. She was extremely efficient and professional at all times. After settlement negotiations were completed, Jodie prepared a budget for me to begin moving forward with peace of mind.

Lisa S.


Our mediation services are crafted with a unique approach, drawing from principles rooted in effective conflict resolution and open communication.

We focus exclusively on fostering a cooperative environment for parties involved, ensuring a process that is not only smooth but also results in mutually agreeable outcomes.


Our Expertise:

Mediation Services:

Navigating the challenging terrain of divorce often requires a constructive and collaborative approach.

Our specialization in mediation services sets us apart, offering a dedicated focus on facilitating open communication and negotiation between parties.

Our trained mediators create an environment conducive to amicable resolutions, ensuring a smoother and more cooperative divorce process.

Empathetic Divorce Support:

While our core focus is on mediation services, we understand that emotional and personal support is equally crucial.

Our empathetic approach to divorce support ensures that individuals receive tailored guidance to navigate the emotional and practical aspects of separation. 

We work alongside our clients, providing the support needed to build confidence not just during the divorce process but also for a fulfilling life post-divorce.

Your Mediation Services includes:

Expert Mediation Services:

Our team specializes in mediation services, providing a constructive and collaborative approach to divorce resolution.

We facilitate communication and negotiation, guiding parties towards amicable solutions.

Tailored and Efficient Mediation Solutions:

We understand that each divorce situation is unique, and our approach is customized to the specific needs and dynamics of each case. 

This personalized strategy ensures that our mediation process is not only effective but also streamlined, saving you time and resources.

Distanced Couple

Personality science can provide valuable insights and benefits in divorce cases. By assessing the personality traits of the individuals involved, personality science can help identify the root causes of conflicts, develop effective communication strategies, and make informed decisions about child custody and support arrangements. Understanding the role that personality traits may have played in the breakdown of the relationship can also provide closure and understanding for both parties, helping them to move on and begin the process of healing and recovery. Overall, the use of personality science can lead to more informed and effective decision-making, and can help mitigate the negative impacts of divorce on both individuals and their families.

Jodie Graham, CEC,CPA

Core Strengths Specialis

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