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Family & Divorce


Financial Advisor Coaching:

Compile financial records for the disclosure in an easy-to-follow and flexible format. (For one or both parties)

Understand and gain confidence in the various options for consideration during your divorce process.

Plan your post-settlement budget and financial strategies to give you confidence in understanding what is affordable and achievable.

Are you entering the divorce process, need assistance working through settlement options and understanding the impact?
Do you need support working through the proposed settlement to gain clarity and confidence?

Do you need support navigating what your new normal will be post-divorce including your post-divorce budget?


Get one-on-one and couple support to help you:

Understand how your matrimonial property can be divided and what options are available.

Gain confidence in understanding what is being presented and providing you with tools that can help you make effective decisions.

Save money by working through the details and options at 50% of the cost of a lawyer.

Divorce is hard, but there are ways to make it easier!

Online Meeting

Before I began working with Jodie, I was extremely anxious and intimidated. I am not a financial person at all and spent many sleepless nights wondering what my future would be. My understanding of the settlement was very limited. My confidence level was very low, but Jodie explained clearly and concisely, often giving different examples and patiently repeating things when I didn’t understand. Jodie prepared several different scenarios and outcomes of the settlement, so I clearly understood where I stood in the process. She helped me to prepare and anticipate my responses during the negotiation process. Jodie was extremely thorough and left no stone unturned in preparing an accurate picture of my financial assets. She gave me confidence and hope for a positive outcome. She was extremely efficient and professional at all times. After settlement negotiations were completed, Jodie prepared a budget for me to begin moving forward with peace of mind.

Lisa S.


Do you need support with the starting over process?
Do you need help to navigate the divorce process while you develop strategies?

Do you need support in advocating for your interests and understanding your options?


Get one-on-one support to help you:

Gain the confidence to support you in the negotiation process

Plan for life after divorce to avoid feeling overwhelmed and get your life back to achieving your goals.

Develop effective communication strategies to navigate co-parenting.

Gain confidence and understanding in yourself as you navigate a new normal.

Find peace of mind in knowing that you will live your best life.

Your Coaching Connection includes:

One-on-One coaching for one hour, 3-4 times per month or as needed to best support you through this journey.

Steps and tools to support you in formulating a success plan

Identify actionable steps to success at half the price of your lawyer.

Portrait of Senior Man
Couple Meditating

Family & Co-Parent Communication Coaching

Do you understand how your family members need communication to feel seen, heard and understood?
Do you know that we communicate in different codes? 
Understanding these codes can improve your co-parenting experience.

People with high emotional intelligence can navigate complex relationships more effectively and improve their relationships with their children post-divorce.

Family at a Beach

Get Co-Parenting Coaching to help you:

Understand your family communication styles and what they mean with the use of personality assessments

Debrief, share and develop communication strategies

Co-create your communication strategies with your children and with each other about your children.

Develop a parenting schedule that works for you and creates stability for your children.

Develop effective strategies to help navigate co-parenting for the benefit of the children.

Your Coaching Connection Includes:

Complete the Core Strengths Personality Assessment

1 Communication Debrief Session

1 Hour Coaching Sessions based on an agreed upon strategy 

Full engagement in communication styles

Develop effective strategies to meet your co-parenting needs.

Distanced Couple

Personality science can provide valuable insights and benefits in divorce cases. By assessing the personality traits of the individuals involved, personality science can help identify the root causes of conflicts, develop effective communication strategies, and make informed decisions about child custody and support arrangements. Understanding the role that personality traits may have played in the breakdown of the relationship can also provide closure and understanding for both parties, helping them to move on and begin the process of healing and recovery. Overall, the use of personality science can lead to more informed and effective decision-making, and can help mitigate the negative impacts of divorce on both individuals and their families.

Jodie Graham, CEC,CPA

Core Strengths Specialis

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