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We help divorce professionals get their clients to settlements faster using the BANKCode Personality Science System - attract more clients when you save them time and money, guaranteed!

Discover Your True Personality


A groundbreaking, practical, scientifically-validated personality test to
understand yourself and your clients better.


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What do you gain from using the BANKCode Personality Science System?

Family lawyers utilizing the BANKCode System can expect transformative results in their negotiation processes. By understanding their clients' and opposing parties' communication preferences and values through deciphering their BANKCode profiles, lawyers can tailor their approach effectively.

Enhanced negotiation skills: The BANKCode System provides family lawyers with a powerful toolset to understand their clients' and opposing parties' communication preferences and values, allowing them to tailor their approach effectively for better outcomes.

Increased client satisfaction: By employing a personalized negotiation strategy based on BANKCode profiles, lawyers can achieve mutually beneficial solutions that leave both parties satisfied, leading to happier clients and stronger relationships.

Improved efficiency: With insights into the other party's preferred communication style, lawyers can streamline negotiations by speaking their language, saving time and resources while maximizing results.

Sustainable relationships: By guiding negotiations with empathy and understanding, lawyers can preserve relationships even in contentious situations, paving the way for future collaborations and minimizing the risk of future disputes.

Competitive edge: Becoming proficient in the BANKCode System elevates lawyers from good negotiators to top negotiators, consistently achieving significant wins while maintaining professionalism and integrity, setting them apart in the legal realm.

Client retention and referrals: By delivering exceptional negotiation experiences fueled by personalized communication strategies, the firm enhances its reputation, leading to higher client retention rates and increased referrals from satisfied clients.

Resilience to challenges: Equipped with the skills to navigate complex negotiations with finesse, the firm's lawyers develop resilience in the face of challenges, confidently addressing conflicts and setbacks while maintaining professionalism and achieving favorable outcomes.

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Jodie and her team can help!

Embark on a transformative journey with Jodie, your guide to mastering empowered collaboration through the innovative BANKCode Personality Science System. This program is not about teaching negotiation skills—you already have those. Instead, Jodie focuses on teaching you about people and the profound impact of personalized communication.

In this program, you will learn that:

Different people require different communication styles and language: Understanding and adapting to these variations can significantly improve your interactions.

Different personality types learn differently: Tailoring your approach to match their learning styles can enhance engagement and comprehension.

Different personality types value different approaches: Recognizing and addressing these values can make your proposals more appealing.

Different personality types make decisions for different reasons: By cracking their BANK Code, you can anticipate their needs and motivations before they even walk through the door, transforming your negotiation strategy.


Self-awareness transforms interactions: Understanding your own personality type can help you adjust your approach to create more positive and productive exchanges.


Knowing the BANKCode of opposing counsel improves dynamics: This knowledge fosters a more productive and harmonious negotiation environment.

Join Jodie to learn a revolutionary way of communication that goes beyond negotiation. By understanding and applying the principles of the BANKCode Personality Science System, you'll enhance your ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively. Discover how mastering these skills can lead to empowered interactions, improved negotiation outcomes, and a future filled with personal and professional growth.

Whether you're striving for improved communication, more effective problem-solving, or a future-focused development approach, Jodie is here to help you unlock the potential that lies within empowered collaboration. By integrating these insights into your interactions, you can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and development. 

Discover Your True Personality


A groundbreaking, practical, scientifically-validated personality test to
understand yourself and your clients better.


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Dual Advantage: Transform Your Law Practice with Our Two-Step Approach

We can help with

Learn the BANKCode Personality Science System

Enhanced Client Understanding: Training in the BANKCode Personality Science System enables lawyers to better understand their clients' personalities and motivations. This understanding can improve communication, build stronger rapport, and tailor legal strategies to meet individual client needs effectively.

Improved Negotiation Skills: Understanding the different personality types through the BANKCode system can help lawyers anticipate and respond to opposing parties' behaviors and tactics. This can lead to more effective negotiation strategies and better outcomes for their clients.


Increased Client Satisfaction: By aligning their communication style and approach with clients' personality types, lawyers can enhance client satisfaction. Satisfied clients are more likely to provide positive referrals and repeat business, ultimately improving the lawyer's bottom line.


Efficient Case Management: The insights gained from the BANKCode system can help lawyers identify potential issues early and manage cases more efficiently. This can reduce the time and resources spent on each case, leading to increased productivity and profitability.


Strategic Marketing: Training in the BANKCode system can also aid in marketing efforts by helping lawyers understand and target their ideal client demographics more effectively. This can lead to more successful client acquisition and retention, boosting overall business performance.

Engage a Divorce Coach on Client Files

Emotional Support and Management: A divorce coach can help clients manage their emotional distress, providing them with coping strategies and emotional support. This allows lawyers to focus more on legal matters rather than emotional counseling, ensuring a more efficient legal process.


Improved Communication: Divorce coaches can facilitate better communication between clients and their lawyers by helping clients articulate their needs and concerns clearly. This reduces the likelihood of communication breakdowns, ensuring that necessary information is provided promptly and accurately.


Financial Guidance: A divorce coach can assist clients in understanding their financial situation and the implications of various legal decisions. This support helps clients make informed financial decisions, alleviating some of the financial constraints and misunderstandings that can arise during divorce proceedings.


​Conflict Resolution: Divorce coaches can teach clients conflict resolution skills and strategies to manage adversarial behavior, reducing hostility and making negotiations smoother. This can lead to quicker resolutions and less stressful legal processes for both clients and lawyers.


Realistic Goal Setting: By helping clients set realistic goals and manage their expectations about the divorce process, divorce coaches can reduce anxiety and disappointment. This leads to a more productive lawyer-client relationship and a clearer path to achieving favorable outcomes.

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Through Empowered Collaboration...


BANKCode Personality Science System

We empower family lawyers to elevate their negotiation game and master negotiations by leveraging personality science to swiftly guide parties to a resounding "Yes!"

Distanced Couple

Divorce Coaching

We empower individuals and couples to unlock confidence during divorce with financial acumen, co-parenting strategies, and a roadmap to a brighter future.

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Mediation Services

We facilitate collaborative solutions for divorces and workplace issues, empowering parties to regain control and confidence in their futures through interest-based resolutions.

Business Team

Workplace Collaboration

We forge unity in the workplace by guiding teams through conflict using coaching and mediation, fostering understanding and collaboration, so every member feels seen, heard, and valued.

What We Do


70% of individuals indicated they had at least made back their initial investment. The median suggests that a client who achieved financial benefit from coaching can typically expect an ROI of more than three times the amount spent.







Prior to meeting with Jodie, I was striving to get to the next stage in my career, but wasn't getting anywhere and felt powerless.  With Jodie's insightful questions and ability to clearly see connections, she has helped guide me on a path of increased self-confidence.  While on this journey, Jodie has been supportive and encouraging, helping me to discover pivotal areas I need to work on, and providing guidance on how to achieve them.  Jodie has made a significant difference in my life as she has empowered me on my journey, leading me closer to achieving my career goals.

Valerie L.

Financial Manager

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